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MS Reclamation

Multiple Sclerosis Within Black Demographics

Per the Mayo Clinic, “Risk Factors” for MS include:

White people, particularly those of Northern European descent, are at highest risk of developing MS. People of Asian, African or Native American descent have the lowest risk.

Let me go off script a moment and be blunt here. WE KNOW THIS IS FALSE. If that looks like I’m shouting, not sorry: I am. I’m angry and heartbroken. This is where I end up every time I think about it. I’ll try to be civil for the sake of providing useful information and spreading awareness, but this is injustice.

In an article titled “Multiple Sclerosis More Common In Black Women Than White” on Medical News Today:

“Of these new cases, black patients had a 47% greater likelihood of MS compared to white patients. Results also showed that Hispanics had a 50% reduced risk compared to white patients, and Asians had a 80% lower chance than whites.”


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